Bank of Montreal Announces Quarterly Coupon Amount for the Dorsey Wright MLP Index ETN

NEW YORK, September 23, 2020 – Bank of Montreal (TSX:BMO)(NYSE:BMO) today

announced the quarterly coupon amount for the Dorsey Wright MLP Index ETNs due December

10, 2036 (NASDAQ:BMLP) (the “Notes”). The table below summarizes the coupon amount for

the Notes.

1) “Coupon Amount per Note” equals the sum of the cash distributions that a hypothetical

holder of the index constituents would have been entitled to receive in the relevant period,

reduced by the accrued tracking fee.

2) "Current Yield" equals the current Coupon Amount per Note annualized and divided by the

closing Indicative Note Value of the Notes on the Coupon Valuation Date, rounded to two

decimal places for ease of analysis.

The Coupon Amount per Note and Current Yield are not indicative of future coupon payments,

if any, on the Notes. The coupon or distribution amount under the Notes is not guaranteed.

The Notes are senior, unsecured obligations of Bank of Montreal.

Investment suitability must be determined individually for each investor, and the Notes may not

be suitable for all investors. This information is not intended to provide and should not be

relied upon as providing accounting, legal, regulatory or tax advice.

Investors should consult with their own financial advisors as to these matters.

Bank of Montreal, the issuer of the Notes, has filed a registration statement (including a pricing

supplement, prospectus supplement and prospectus) with the SEC about the offering to which

this free writing prospectus relates. Please read those documents and the other documents

relating to this offering that Bank of Montreal has filed with the SEC for more complete

information about Bank of Montreal and this offering. These documents may be obtained

without cost by visiting EDGAR on the SEC Website at Alternatively, Bank of

Montreal, any agent or any dealer participating in this offering will arrange to send the pricing

supplement, the prospectus supplement and the prospectus if so requested by calling toll-free

at 1-877-369-5412.

About Nasdaq Dorsey Wright

Nasdaq Dorsey Wright (“Dorsey Wright”) is a registered investment advisory firm based in

Richmond, Virginia. Since 1987, Dorsey Wright has been an advisor to financial professionals

on Wall Street and investment managers worldwide. Dorsey Wright offers comprehensive

investment research and analysis through their Research Platform and provides research,

modeling and indexes, which apply Dorsey Wright’s expertise in Point & Figure Relative

Strength to various financial products, including exchange trade funds and notes, mutual funds,

UITs, structured products and managed accounts. In 2015, Dorsey Wright was acquired by

Nasdaq, Inc. (“Nasdaq”), allowing Dorsey Wright to work towards even greater innovative

solutions for its clients. As a single company, Nasdaq is one of the largest providers of Smart

Beta indexes with over $50 billion in assets tracking Nasdaq Smart Beta indexes.

About BMO Financial Group

Serving customers for 200 years and counting, BMO is a highly diversified financial services

provider - the 8th largest bank, by assets, in North America. With total assets of $974 billion as

of July 31, 2020, and a team of diverse and highly engaged employees, BMO provides a broad

range of personal and commercial banking, wealth management and investment banking

products and services to more than 12 million customers and conducts business through three

operating groups: Personal and Commercial Banking, BMO Wealth Management and BMO

Capital Markets.

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